BlueDriver Read & Clear Trouble Code for Mazda Pickup 2001

Here show you the test project on how to use Bluedriver to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes for Mazda pickup 2001.



How to setup BlueDriver Scanner for Android

How to Setup BlueDriver Scanner for IOS iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



Plug your BlueDriver to vehicle obd port

Run the BlueDriver app on your smartphone,here take Android as a example.

Then click “Read codes”

Then it will ask you with below massage,here we select “All System Modules”

If your vehicle have trouble code in the system module,it will show the scan result as below

Here we can see we have a powertain control module code,and the DTC is P1000.

Click it for the detail,if your VIN and the code is in their database it will give you information such as probable causes and the top reported fix so what people have done to fix that code.But here P1000 code is just a obd2 system readiness check,it is nothing important,so we will go back.

Now we can see we have two anti-lock brake module codes:C1233 and C1234

C1233:Left Front Wheel Plausibility Fault

C1234:Speed Wheel RF Input Signal Missing


Tap to clear Anti-Lock Brake Module Codes

Confirm Clear

Warning:This action clears Anti-Lock Brake Module code on your vehicle,it does not fix any problems.It cannot be undone.

Click “Yes” to continue

After then you can see the trouble code in the Anti-Lock Brake Module have been clear

And repeat it again on other modules.

Note:If you the problem cause the trouble have not been repaired,the trouble will come back.